Information about clan:
Our clan was founded at 18.01.2012 .
Aurora.. is international community of powerful players , which was united to play vs other communities ( clans)
Our clan is only for players, which are going to be powerful. If you want to join clan , you must be powerful or ambitious player ( if you're not really strong , but you want to be powerful and if you ready for hard training) . You must to know how to play an all TD maps , or you must be ready to learn how to play on it. If you successfully joined to our clan, but you don't know , how to play on several maps, you must to train your skill on this maps, our clan's team will help you in this.
Clan's administration:
-Au.Loner. - clan leader
Clan's members
We're playing:
Touch Down OS.
All maps.
Our demands:
1.Your age must be 16+.
2.Your minimal online must be minimum 1 time in 3 days.
3.Lvl 50+.
4.You must be willing to be in clan.
5.You must have skype.
6.You must agree with clan's rules.
Our rules:
1. You should be adequate(no flame or something like it).
2. You should not to distribute hacks and other stuff like this.
3. You should be member only of our clan ( no other clans)
4. You should not lower the reputation of the clan by your actions.
Duties of  Aurora.. members:
1. You must complete leader's (or co-leader's) instructions on clan wars or on training sessions.
2. You must visit clan wars or training seccions by leader's ( or co-leader's) demand.
3. you should participate clan's life(voting, training sessions and other)
How to create an application:
1. You must register on site.
2. Next time you should click on "Новая тема"
3. In title you must write: Application from *your nickname*.                                                         
Application's example (U must paraph paragraphs):
1. Your name, your age:  Anton , age 18.
2. Nickname and in-game lvl:  -Au.Loner., 77.
3. Nicknames  of previous accounts: Cartel2 , .Cartel -ICE-[S]tor[M], Loner... , -Md-Alysrazor , -Au.VeNoM
4. Your agreement with clan rules:  I read the clan rules , i agree with clan rules.
5. Game mode(TD, DM, Chaser and other): TD.
6. (AW\OS): OS.
7. Your in-game online: 4-7 hours.
8. Skype's login: ice1storm1
9. Previous clans: Osaka, [Method]™, Armored Core, Sentai, Dia-pro, Sexy_Death , **GoldTeam** , Dragon Ball , Espada , StarPower.
10. Gameplay skills( maps)* - know how to play on maps / dont know how.** : I know all maps.
11. Do you have a microphone? : Yes.
12. Tell us about yourself(interests, hobbies and other ): S4 league , walking , reading , university.
* Under maps knowlegde we understand gameplay skills on maps ( you must know how to play on it, jumps and other things)
**If you dont know how to play on some maps, you should write maps , which you know or dont know ( select this).